Saarthi: Abroad study goals made simple

About the client

Saarthi: Free Strategic Roadmap planning to go abroad



Saarthi visa consultancy wanted a strategy to pull their customers and serve them with something that builds trust. We came up with a strategy of a free roadmap plan which can guide students on all the issues they ma face or questions they may have regarding abroad career roadmap plan. We ran Facebook and Instagram ads in a multi-channel campaign to see if they would increase reach and awareness, and turn new customers for their new salon.


Thier story

Saarthi Group serving for almost 11 years with best customer record and service, with academic collaboration with IDP, British Council which have the record of providing the best results. Saarthi Group’s trip planning, Visa consultancy and study platform(IELTS) for international visas and tours serves as a one-stop destination for all customers planning for international and domestic with a complete package from accommodation to visa. Users can browse their Packages, transportation, and tours from the website. In order to propagate the thought of simple and care-free travel.


Thier goal:

New age marketing tools for Saarthi

Saarthi had been facing an issue with new age marketing tools and methodology. this made them come to us. As a creative marketing factory we suggested to use a blue ocean strategy and communicate through digital media.

Thier solution:

Strategic plan for free

Our team started their primary survey on the field and online to know about the people’s viewpoint on the client, analysis of competitors, probable target audience and much more. With the market survey we analyzed what campaign can be strategized to outstand our competitors and how can we conquer the market in a unique and different way from others.

As we move further, Our team brainstormed all the pain points of our targeted audience and we found out that consumer buying behaviour is directly proportional to the guidance they get before buying. We therefore developed a phone baba to personify ss mobile and guide people who are to buy a phone.; and drive them straight to SS Mobile.

Products used

  • Advance social media ads
  • Extensive funnel approach
  • Analytica

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