These days, online advertisements are measured largely on the quality of your content. In order to build a solid Internet marketing success, you need to be sure that you’re publishing good-quality content on your Social Media, Online Advertisements website and other places on the web. provides expert content marketing services to help support your business to increase the traffic to their website, social media, blog pages, etc. and convert potential buyers to your clients.

Building online authority with content

If we just jump straight into an advertising campaign without being sure that the content aligns with your keyword and business goals, we won’t come close to seeing the full impact of our efforts. This is the reason why advertising campaigns start with information architecture and content development, ensuring that there’s a strong system in place that gives results for your website and your business.

You want the attention of a particular segment of the targeted online audience. But because of the information overload that exists on the web, you’re having trouble getting the attention of your target audience. You need to somehow convince your audience that they should pay attention to what you have to say. We help you to achieve this by offering valuable content that is relevant to their interests.

We get attention from the online audience by producing and optimizing advertisements by content produced with effective and psychologically proven methods.


Google values content that is fresh. It acts as an important factor for ranking, meaning that companies who frequently update their websites with new content are rewarded. Even if your website has a very good core content, it’s necessary to have and maintain a blog that you update frequently. This is vital so that search engines see that it’s current and has a “people” component to it.

Aside from its benefits of freshness, blogging is also a way to connect with your audience, deliver value to them and provide relevant information about your niche or industry. It is also a great way to continue targeting relevant and valuable keywords for organic search.

Video Marketing

These days, people in social media are more inclined towards rich media such as videos. At, we can help you convey to your audience in video presentation format about what you do and how you’re good at it. We also promote that video so that you can see the ultimate benefit in terms of

  • Audience engagement
  • Selling your product/service

Types Of Content Services

Social media content

Social media content

Unique content for each social media platform to generate higher referral traffic.

Blog posts

Blog posts

Regularly publish highly engaging posts on your site and build a follower base.



Your customers are visual learners. Feed them with great story-like videos.

Our content development process

Content audit and evaluation

We will audit your current content and will carry out niche specific research

Determining the best content types for you

An expert will guide you through this process and an agreement reached

Content Development

Qualified writers create your content Expert, graphic designers create your visual content Ask for revisions if you are not satisfied

Ready to give your brand a makeover like never before

We are here to help, apply now to get a 30-minute strategy development call with our founder.

Frequently asked questions

25% of the marketing mix of the most successful brands across the globe is primarily focused on ‘Content’. And nearly 65% of the content distributed and promoted by them is original and unique to their brands. Take a leaf from their book and realign your marketing strategy for the Next Gen consumers on the Web! Today’s smart consumers look for meaningful value addition from a company or brand rather than blatant advertising. Nearly 20% of their time on the Internet is spent on content-led websites. Moreover, with Mobile Internet poised to overtake desktop usage, the users want informative and entertaining content to read ‘on the go’. After all, interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons why people follow brands on social media sites and across the web, in general. You can enrich your business’ digital presence and enhance customer perceptions by executing our personalized content marketing strategies.


Traditional marketing techniques are being trumped by content marketing strategies. An average person spends 8 seconds on a billboard and 30 seconds on a TV or radio advertisement. But a whopping 25 minutes are spent on reading a content marketing title. At e-Intelligence™ , the best digital marketing firm in India, we help you create a deeper connect with your target audience by distributing interesting and relevant content for and about you across various platforms on the Internet. Creating original online content for your consumers, we position you as the favorite source of likeable and shareable information. This, in turn, will lead to increased brand awareness and will nudge purchase decisions in your favor.

Good content works as a strong customer magnet. Did you know that content marketing can have positive impact on purchase decisions of 43% consumers and make 48% consumers more positive towards the brand itself? What an effective content marketing strategy does is build a relationship with your target consumers. We establish you as a leader in online conversations surrounding relevant topics that draw the attention and admiration of potential customers.