Case Study: How Joined Hands with Saarthi Group to get the admissions for IELTS.

Case Study: How Joined Hands with Saarthi Group to get the admissions for IELTS.

Saarthi Group, A leading IELTS Coaching Institute partenered with us to get maximum admissions for their IELTS program.

We Started this project with's newly introduced Advanced SWOT Analysis. This helped our team to determine strategic direction.

Most of the businesses in industry were doing their marketing via conventional marketing, Even big players of industry had primitive digital presense and no significant ads spend. While Saarthi Chose a digital first approach and decided to spend heavy amounts on digital platform and chose the costliest agency in town ( Digital Marketing Company ).

Saarthi Being new in market had near to zero brand awareness. Thus, No student approached it for demo lectures or for inquiry.

We decided to fight the war with an all digital approach. We started working on building a strategy which can connect student who is wishing to go abroad to saarthi even before  he plans to go for a demo lecture.

Conducted a survey of 350 Students to know their journey of finding the best IELTS Coaching Class and to trace most common pain points. Analytica is a advanced analytical facility built by to empower data driven decision making process. We are capable of generating over 500 Data points and samples within just 24 hours.

85% students fail to decide whether they should go for abroad study or not and thus end up wasting a lot of years.

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55% students of all those who want to go abroad are not sure which country and college they should focus on.

While students consider this as a problem our crazy team started working to convert this into an oppoortunity. 

Introducing Foreign-O-Meter! A campaign that changed the way education industry across world functions!

Concept was simple, A meter that can help students to decide their goal and even probable IELTS score. And guess what? Any student can use it for free!

Students can apply for it from this website developed by Web Team. We also set up system to track IP Address of all those who visited website and thus retarget them.

Advertisement Video of Foreign-O-Meter gained overnight momentum

We did viral Marketing campaigns by making creatives that were spread my students and also developed more and more bookings.

Those who appear for free Foreign-O-Meter test came to know about the coaching centre and also attended demo Lectures for IELTS. This indirect marketing approach helped our client gain momentum in a very short time span.

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