We all live once, Why not to work at an awesome place ?

Our community

We are very spirited when it comes to community. Our team lives together and celebrate every day. Our Community spirit finds ways to express themselves in individual or group activities by engaging for the benefit of their personal self and other communities. These activities are organized in and outside office informally and sometimes spontaneously.

We think that you can do your best if

We provide you all in order to make your productivity to burst into action we create the environment keeping this as a base.

Perks and benefits

Free working environment



Amazing peers

Personal development

Learn something New daily

Our community clubs

Special day celebrations

Birthday's and anniversary are special for everyone. Our community is always excited to celebrate it with fun. We cut cakes and celebrate to make the day more special for the person.

No dibba day

A voluntary celebration where one person shares his/her happiness by sponsoring lunch for a day. This day is celebrated as no dibba day.

Festival celebrations

We at prinkit celebrate each festival with fun. We come together and enjoy the day. From garba nights to holi fights we do it all. This spirit is ever lasting and makes each member live synergistically.

Do you want to live for a purpose bigger than self?

Events and activities

Recreation Club

At Prink It, we believe that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." This is why after our lunch time, everyone in the office comes together and plays various games that relaxes themselves and charge them up.

Change club

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhiji
We also follow the same thought. We contribute some amount of money voluntarily to bring a change. We meet various specially challenged people and help them out.

Morning Motivation club

Every day with sunrise we motivate our employees and make them learn something new and contentful. We also discuss our learnings and also share new words that came across the video and can be used in day to day life.

The learning club

People learn new skills for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you need new skills for your job to keep up with technological advances or to take advantage of newly developed techniques. When you learn a new skill, it has benefits that go way beyond the actual skill learned. Here are some of the biggest benefits of learning a new skill – no matter what that skill is.