How we Helped A Salon generate quick clientle with our WOW Month Campaign

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What was our goal


Getting Walk-in's at new Branch

At the end it is all about money and increase in walkins is directly proportional to the increase in profit. A new branch needed enough loyal customers to make it self sufficient in reaching breakeven.

Create Hype About Brand's 3rd Anniversary

Brand was about to complete its 3rd year and we have to make sure everyone in city gets to know this!

How We Did It !

Before starting any campaign, we define our work path and deadlines, this is how it looked :


We started by conducting a survey of 200 women and studied trend and understood their expectations.


We came up with an innovative idea of creating WOW month. Details are mentioned as below


Our design and ads experts started working to bring this Idea into reality.

Online Quiz Challenge

We developed a quiz regarding Beauty Manntra’s anniversary . When people click on any advertisement from social media they get redirected here. 

Audience Segmentation

Target Audience

Aiming to run ads with maximum relevance we make audience considering a lot of factors. We collaborated with facebook and included people who visited any of our salon and found 10000 more people like them by their behavior. We also included rich people who had high spending capacity.

Wow Pass

People who win the contest will get a pass like this in their mail box. Along with pass they also get a unique code and end date of the campaign.

wow pass

This is what happens after out target audience wins in quiz challenge!

The moment someone fills the form, we get their IP address and make them a part of our special re-targeting audience. They start seeing testimonials of people shot by us who have already claimed this offer. This develops trust and increases conversion ratio.

Highly Planned Ads Distribution

Every single advertisement that we published washighly planned. Time when ladies see ads maximum was surveyed and used. Testimonials were intentionally kept raw so that they look natural.


As a result this campaign became one of the biggest successful campaign in city. Salon Received a lot of footfall who became loyal clients and brand advocates at later stage of journey.

  • Impression of 114,336.
  • A reach of 32,576 people.
  • 848 online conversions only at Rs. 9.37 of the ad spend.

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